Lithium Lab

Low-noise optical lattices for ultracold

Physical Review A 92, 021402 (2015) arXiv:1505.00758v2
We demonstrate stable, long-term trapping of fermionic Li6 atoms in an optical lattice with MHz trap frequencies for use in a quantum gas microscope. Adiabatic release from the optical lattice in the object plane of a high-numerical-aperture imaging system allows a measurement of the population distribution among the lowest three bands in both radial directions with atom numbers as low as 7102. We measure exponential ground band heating rates as low as 0.014(1) s1 corresponding to a radial ground-state 1/e lifetime of 71(5)s, fundamentally limited by scattering of lattice photons. For all lattice depths above 2 recoil, we find radial ground-state lifetimes 1.6106 recoil times.