PhD Theses

A dipolar quantum gas microscope
G. Phelps, 2019
Quantum simulation of the Hubbard model
C. S. Chiu, 2019
Microscopy of Correlations at a Non-Equilibrium Phase Transition
Entanglement Dynamics in One Dimension - From Quantum Thermalization to Many-Body Localization
A. Lukin, 2018
Probing Long Range Antiferromagnetism and Dynamics in the Fermi-Hubbard Model
A. Mazurenko, 2017
Microscopy of interacting quantum systems
M. E. Tai, 2017
Probing the Hubbard model with single-site resolution
Atomic Bose-Hubbard Systems with Single-Particle Control
P. M. Preiss, 2015
Engineered potentials and dynamics of ultracold quantum gases under the microscope
R. Ma, 2014
Site-Resolved Imaging with the Fermi Gas Microscope
F. Huber, 2014
Fermi Gas Microscope
W. Setiawan, 2013
Microscopic Studies of Quantum Phase Transitions in Optical Lattices
W. S. Bakr, 2011
Quantum Gas Microscope With Optical Lattice
A. Peng, 2010
The Quantum Gas Microscope
J. Gillen, 2009
Ultracold quantum gases in three-dimensional optical lattice potentials
M. Greiner, 2003

Master's Theses

Dynamic Holography and Beamshaping using Digital Micromirror Devices
P. Zupancic, 2013
A Novel Apparatus for Experiments with Ultracold Fermions
F. Huber, 2009
A Novel Apparatus for Experiments with Ultracold Sodium and Lithium
T. Schuster, 2008
Inducing Vortices in a Bose-Einstein Condensate using light beams with orbital angular momentum
J. Brachmann, 2007
Magnetischer Transfer von Atomen ein Weg zur einfachen Bose-Einstein-Kondensation
M. Greiner, 2000